Body Fit With Stewart Home

Stewart Home is an artist, writer, performer and activist. Famous for the Art Strike 1990-93 his books include Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie and The Easy Way to Falsify Your Credit Rating. He contributes to Artreview and received The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award 2013.

I propose that Home collaborates with students in a unique performance that sees him leading a ‘body weight’ exercise class in the street. The class would be open to all MA students, advertised both in the PG Community Newsletter and direct to students throughout UAL campus.

I would like to develop the staging of the event with MA Performance Design and Practice. I will invite MA Photography/ MA Documentary Film to get involved via the PG Community Newsletter and the resulting material can be uploaded plus, of course, Home’s recipe for protein shake.

Home refers to himself as “a proletarian comedian with Tourette’s spewing obscenities.” If we are lucky he might stand on his head and recite sexually explicit passages from his recent work for us.

The event is not just about having fun exercising, Home is a radical on a mission to present performance art on a wider social stage. Home seeks to engage those from whom process based cultural forms emerge in new ways. Art students are a prime example of this potential.

I think it is essential this event takes place in the Street. It will have the energy of a flash mob and will draw participants and viewers into it’s orbit.


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