The Word Neoist Makes Me Want To Drink By Ambika Subramaniam

M: You could…serve the wine.

L: But why serve the wine when you can drink the wine.

M: If someone serves the wine then we need someone to not serve the wine?

L: We can both serve the wine.

M: It is the most important part of tonight… Whose opening is it anyway?

L: Karen Eliot, some artist of the Neoist movement who got famous through that writer Stewart Home.

M: The word Neoist makes me want to drink.

L: So does this exhibition in general. She was the hottest thing to hit Flipper gallery in a long time – that is, according to Home’s Slow Death.

M: Probably because of the open bar. People can say it was to pay homage to her genius, but it’s really for the house red and white.

L: The slow death of the exhibition and alcohol to aid its ruination.

M: My question is why drink just red or white when you can have a wine in one hand and the beer in the other?

L: Double fisting at an art opening? That’s pretty genius.

M: But double fisting has already been done in this elite gallery system.

L: I guess Flipper promoted DF at their last successful opening.

M: Maybe we should go past red and white…

L: Jungle Juice perhaps? Recipe?

M: Well the traditional American drink consists of: Everclear, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Rum, Apple Schnapps, Sprite, Sunny D, Triple Sec, Gin, Sour Apple Schnapps, Red Wine, Hawaiian Punch, Orange Juice Concentrate

L: Sugar-stimulated double fisting!

M: And now we will have red, white, beer, and jungle juice…the New Opening of the Karen Eliot retrospective!

L: And a success at that!

M: Let’s drink to profits!


*Slow Death, by Stewart Home – “where sexual violence and violent sex plus skinheads attack the art world”

Stewart Home – a man with a comment by Dino Bonacic, MA Fashion Media Production, LCF

Stewart Home – a man with a comment

A multimedia artist with multimedia commentary on life, arts, culture and everything in between. That’s my personal description of the man that represents contemporary cultural and artistic communism – Stewart Home.

Through all of his work, including performances, videography, and written stories, Stewart has been a radicalist of all sorts, but what I’ve personally considered one of his most interesting projects was The Festival of Plagiarism – his late 1980’s response to the Appropriation art movement obsessed with taking everyday objects and claiming them as art. A book, a proper event and an all-round agitation of art made an incredibly interesting thought process that is as relevant now as it was in 1988.

Flourishing from the Neoist movement and their Eighth International Neoist Apartment Festival of 1984, Home was joined by Karen Eliot, Graham Harwood, Mark Pawson and Stefan Szczelkun to create a place to critique, a place to exist outside the pretentious notion of the time. Only googling through their (not so easy to find) images and videos give you a philosophical stance, a way of thinking that is unique in its voice.

It is quite impossible to explain or describe what The Fesitval of Plagiarism was, but it’s enough to say that it quickly became acknowledged and held in different countries, and therefore different cultural playgrounds from Scotland to the US of A. My words couldn’t be as detailed or accurate as Stewart’s so read what he has to say about it: